Missing teen Jayme Closs found alive

Here’s what authorities revealed today about the man who was arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping in the Closs case:

  • His name is Jake Thomas Patterson.
  • He is 21 years old.
  • Patterson is unemployed.
  • It appears he had no previous contact with Jayme Closs or her family.
  • Patterson had planned his actions, and Jayme was his only target.
  • He had “zero” criminal history with state and local authorities.
  • He held Jayme in a home in a “remote” area.
  • Patterson has a connection with Barron County, Wisconsin.

Jayme was kept in a “home in a remote area”

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said Jayme Closs was kept in a “home in a remote area” of Douglas County, Wisconsin.

“There isn’t a lot of houses in that area,” he said.

The sheriff added that the suspect concealed her while she was in the home.

Fitzgerald did not give more details about the dwelling.

Police trying to figure out how Jayme became the target

Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald confirmed that Jayme Closs was the suspect’s target, and authorities are now trying to figure out why.

They do not believe the suspect, who has no criminal history, had contact with Closs and her family. However, they believe he had planned his actions.

“Jayme was taken against her will and escaped from the residence at which she was being held in. We also don’t believe at this time the suspect had any contact with the family. We do believe that Jayme was the only target,” Fitzgerald said. 

“I can tell you that the subject planned his actions and took many proactive steps to hide his identity from law enforcement and the general public,” he added.

The sheriff also said it is still unclear who made the 911 call.

School official: “What an extraordinary young lady”

Diane Tremblay, the administrator for Wisconsin’s Barron County School District, thanked law enforcement as well as the businesses and families that came together during the search for Jayme Closs.

“Most importantly, we want to thank Jayme for being so courageous and for achieving an opportunity to find her way back to us,” she said.

She added: “What an extraordinary young lady.”

“Jayme we missed you, and we are so grateful you are home,” Tremblay said.

Sheriff: We believe Jayme was the “only target”

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said Jayme Closs escaped from a home where she was being held and was able to find help yesterday.

Police do not believe that the suspect had “any contact with the family.”

“We do believe Jayme was the only target,” he said.

Fitzgerald added: “I can tell you that the subject planned his actions and took many proactive steps to hide his identity from law enforcement and the general public.”

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